About Us

The PTA is a volunteer organization that strives to enhance and enrich the SAS experience for students and their families. Membership is automatically conferred on any family who has a child enrolled at SAS and all faculty members. Through a diverse array of services and events, the PTA aims to encourage support and participation in SAS programs as well as promote a spirit of community within the SAS family.

The PTA is a resource for new families settling into a new life at SAS and in Singapore. We aim to provide information, assistance, and friendship for newcomers as they transition into the SAS community. Other PTA services include the sale of school uniforms, publication of a complimentary school calendar, the processing of Scholastic Book orders for preschool through grade 8 students, and various social events such as the Open House Ice Cream Social, welcome coffees, and Staff Appreciation Day.

At the grassroots divisional level, PTA divisional representatives muster a corps of parent volunteers to implement all PTA-sponsored activities within each division, including classroom and field trip assistance to teachers, parties, special events, room parent programs, class pictures and graduation events for grade 8 and 12 students.

The main focus of PTA events is to enhance a sense of community at SAS. Some of these events are purely social, while others have an added component of fundraising. PTA fundraising events provide the means to sponsor scholarships for high school interim semester trips and graduating seniors, visiting educational speakers and artists, school projects and library enhancements. At the conclusion of the school year, all remaining funds are given to each division to purchase identified needs.